Wednesday, 17 December 2008


In addition to illustrated story books, comics albums and 'movie story books' by David McKay Co., the earliest Mickey Mouse publications also include two coloring books by Saalfield Co.: Mickey Mouse Coloring Book and Mickey Mouse Pictures to Paint, both of which came out in the summer of 1931. I have never seen the latter anywhere, but the former is available at ebay.
Available scans indicate that some of the illustrations in Mickey Mouse Coloring Book come from Mickey Mouse Book published by Bibo & Lang the year before (see the Nov.22 post in this blog), such as the middle illustration in the first scan below and the bottom illustration in the second scan below:

Below are some other nice scans from Mickey Mouse Coloring Book

With this post, I round up the coverage of earliest American Mickey Mouse publications from 1930-31. Coming posts in this blog will deal with other Mickey Mouse publications from 1930s, so stay tuned on..

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