Monday, 9 June 2014


June 6th, 1934, the date The Wise Little Hen, the first movie in which Donald Duck appeared on screen, was released is regarded as the 'official' birthday of Donald Duck, even though an earlier incarnation of him had appeared in print as early as 1931; see this entry in this blog for that. 
The above scan is from the Turkish edition, printed in no. 26 (dated June 27th, 1962) of the Miki weekly, of 'This Is Your Life, Donald Duck!', originally published in the US in 1960; it was written by Vic Lockman and drawn by Tony Stroble. Especially the first part in which Donald's childhood, he was apparently very hot-tempered even then!, is recounted by Grandma Duck is very funny and highly recommended...
To commemorate his birthday, I intend to post about very rare and hence very obscure pre-war items about Donald in this blog this week, so stay tuned in.

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