Saturday, 14 June 2014


Goofy's remarks to an Arabic sheik in this panel from a Sunday newspaper comics from 1940 is oddly emblemetic of Westerns powers' approach to the Middle East!.. 
Furthermore, when Mickey and Goofy crash their car as the sheik chases them away, they return to outright steal a camel from him.. 
These are from 'The Photographic Expedition' in which Mickey and Goofy travel around in 'exotic' locales. 'The Photographic Expedition' is full of instances when Mickey and/or Goofy treat the locals arrogantly, such as in this earlier panel when they were in Africa: 
'The Photographic Expedition' was scripted by Merrill de Marris (1898-1948) who scripted many Mickey Mouse Sunday and daily strips, as well as some non-Mickey Disney Sundays, from 1933 till 1942. Among these are the seminal Phantom Blot continuity from 1939, but his 'An Education for Thursday' daily continuity from 1940 is also very white-supremacist.
The art in 'The Photographic Expedition', by the way, is by Manuel Gonzales, who had picked up Mickey Mouse Sundays from Floyd Gottfredson in 1938. The scans in this post are from Britain's Mickey Mouse Weekly; 'The Photographic Expedition' has never been reprinted in the US outside of its run in newspapers.


François Willot said...

Thank you for this interesting reading. I took the liberty of copying a few of your scans to the Inducks website.

Kaya Özkaracalar said...

you're welcome!
ps: I'd also cross-posted the scans, but they'd -temporarily- disappeared due to system regeneration or something like that