Tuesday, 5 April 2011


In a below post from Nov. 9th, 2009 on this blog, I had covered the earliest British Disney books, concentrating on publications by Dean & Sons Ltd. Recently, two early Disney books by Dean which I was not aware of hence had not mentioned in that post were offered on ebay. One of them was Mickey Mouse Presents Bucky and Bo which is probably a re-formatted British edition of the American Mickey Mouse Presents a Silly Symphony (1934) from Whitman's Big Little Book series. Dean's Buck book is undated, but the copy on sale had a handwritten 1936 inscription. Below is its title page and the back cover: This copy was offered for 300 British pounds but received no bids. On the other hand, a Mickey Mouse Painting Book by Dean was sold for a winning bid of 41.75 Br. pnds: Below is a sample page:

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