Saturday, 30 April 2011


From 1938 onwards till 1948, the covers of Britain's Mickey Mouse Weekly magazine (re-titled simply as Mickey Mouse during its bi-weekly run between 1941-50), usually consisted of a reformatted reprint of an American Sunday newspaper strip placed against the background of an illustration by British artists. However, the illustration on the cover of no. 402 (dated Dec. 1st, 1942) actually features a collage of figures from illustrations of America origin. The Donald figure at the lower left corner is copied from an illustration featured in the illustrated text story adaptation of the cartoon short Donald's Snow Fight (1942) published in Walt Disney's Comics & Stories no. 18 (dated March, 1942):and the Goofy figure at the upper right corner seems to be redrawn from the publicity material of cartoon short The Art of Skiing (1941) published in the Good Housekeeping magazine in 1941:

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