Saturday, 26 July 2014


Early this month, I purchased this vintage Mickey Mouse book off ebay for a very reasonable price (mere 5 British pounds) due to its damaged spine. It is a quite rare book, currently only one copy being offered online elsewhere. It has been published by Britain's Collins Clear-Type Press and, like most vintage British Disney books, it is undated. The seller on ebay had estimated it to date from early the 1940's and the other online seller states it is from "circa 1938". One online Disney books index lists it as from 1937, but I haven't yet checked the reliability of that index in general. Nevertheless, the fact that Donald Duck as drawn in this book is no longer long-beaked (as he was drawn till at least 1936) is in tune with a late 1930s estimate. As the title Things to Make and Do indicates, the book is composed of illustrated text instructions on practical matters:
 Perhaps the best, or rather the funniest, part is reserved for this 'The End' notice!:

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