Thursday, 8 September 2011


This British Mickey Mouse postcard issued by Inter Card Co. based in "Barnes, S.W." was recently sold on ebay for the winning bid of 31 British pounds (app. 49 US dlrs). The handwritten correspondance and the official postofice stamp on the reverse carries a date from 1931. The same seller sold several other Mickey Mouse postcards from the same era. The below undated Inter Art Co. card, which was sold for the winning bid of 16 pounds, is also interesting as it features a cat in distinctively British police uniform!:
However, as far as I am concerned, a more desirable one was this "Milton Post Card" issued by the London-based Woolstone Bros. which features triple Mickeys, all smoking and one apparently even drinking a liqour!!..

This particular card, whose faded postoffice stamp on the reverse appears to carry a date from 1932, was sold for the winning bid of 10 pounds. Woolstone's "Milton" postcards are probably the earliest Mickey Mouse cards in the world, I'd earlier seen one dated from 1930. I bought one myself and will post a scan when I receive it.

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