Monday, 11 July 2011


This British-made lead figurine, with a detachable head, was recently sold on ebay for a winning bid of 1,000 British pounds!.. The seller dates it from 1939.
Meanwhile, the below tray and plate set with beautiful illustrations was sold for a winning bid of 367 British pounds. The seller gave no date estimate, but it is almost certainly from 1930s. If I was rich enough, I would have loved to get this set; I am not sure, but I think the illustrations might be the work of leading British Disney artist Wilfred Haughton who had worked on merchandise art before embarking on a cover artist career for Mickey Mouse Weekly for which he is better known for.

On the other hand, the below Donald Duck plate from Britain's Wadeheath was sold for a winning bid of app. merely 14 pounds:

And finally, the below British knitting book from 1950 was sold for the openining bid of 4.5 pounds:

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