Thursday, 26 May 2011


Elmer Elephant was the star of a 1936 cartoon short from the 'Silly Symphony' series. Prior to the release of the cartoon Elmer Elephant, the character actually debutted in the Sunday newspaper comics medium on. The weekly Silly Symphony newspaper strips series featured the exploits of Elmer Elephant for 12 consecutive Sundays from Oct 27th, 1935 onwards till (including) Jan. 12th, 1936. A planned Elmer cartoon sequel would never materialize, but Elmer would re-appear in Silly Symphony strips in 1938-39. While Elmer's second run in the Sunday strips would be reprinted in the US Mickey Mouse Magazine and, decades later, also in a special edition of reprints, his first run from 1935-36 has never been reprinted in the US. The only known English-language appearance of those Elmer Sundays strips outside of newspapers has been in Britain's Mickey Mouse Weekly. Sadly, MMW omitted the first five Elmer Sundays and started its serialization with the 6th one. I am not sure but I think the first five Elmer Sunday strips, of which I have so far been able to see only one (in a Turkish reprint from 1938), might consist of stand-alone gags. The remaining seven, on the other hand, consist of a narrative continuity revolving around a baby ape attached to Elmer. Here is the complete run of Elmer Sunday strips published in MMW, with the above scan from MMW no. 2 (dated Feb. 15th, 1936) and the below ones from no.s 3-8 (MMW no. 1 did not feature any Elmer strip):

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