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'Doc's Woodland Wonders' was a nature-themed strip published in Britain's Mickey Mouse comics magazine between 1948-49. Basil Reynolds (see the below post for more on him) was the main artist. It debutted in no. 462 (dated April 3rd, 1948) as a b&w strip but was soon moved to the color central pages, replacing the non-Disneyic comic strip 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer', and initially featured the Seven Dwarfs and occasionally some other Disney characters. Eventually, it was shifted first to the b&w pages and then, with no. 483, reverted back to color in the bottom portion of the last page (back cover) but the Disney characters began to be omitted from the strip henceforth even though the name of Doc (of the Seven Dwarfs) remained in the title. It lasted till (including) no. 498. The scans in this post are from no.'s 464 (above), 465, 467, 468, 470, 472, 475, 478 and 482.

Between 1953-54, Reynolds did another nature-themed series for Mickey Mouse Weekly titled 'True Life Adventures'.


John said...

Hi Kaya,

The episode of Doc's Woodland Wonders at the top of the post (from Mickey Mouse Weekly 464) is definitely NOT by Basil Reynolds.
It is in an entirely different style, and it lacks his characteristic slanted (or italicized) lettering and the open dots at the end of almost every caption. For more information on Reynold's trademark art/lettering, see
The other four episodes are indeed drawn and letterd by Basil himself!

Best wishes,


Kaya Özkaracalar said...

Thanks to you John, I've amended my attribution as "BR was the main artist."