Saturday, 29 November 2008


As noted in the below post from last week, the first Mickey Mouse publication, Bibo & Lang's slim Mickey Mouse Book (1930), was largely (perhaps exclusively) utilized as a promotion give-away. However, Mickey Mouse publications properly for retail would proliferate in 1931 with David McKay Co. getting a license to publish Disney books.
McKay's Mickey Mouse books can be grouped broadly in three categories. On one hand, they published story books with original illustrations, starting with The Adventures of Mickey Mouse. On the other hand, they put out a series of annual comics publications exclusively reprinting samples of daily Mickey Mouse strips. Furthermore, they also published 'movie story books', with story adaptations of Mickey cartoon shorts, with stills fom the cartoons themselves used as illustrations. The first of this kind was the hardcover Mickey Mouse Illustrated Movie Stories which came out at the tail end of 1931. A budget-priced abridged version was also published the same year, titled simply as Mickey Mouse Story Book. In addition to McKay's books, Saalfield Co. published Mickey Mouse Coloring Book and Mickey Mouse Pictures to Paint, both of which came out in the summer of 1931.
This post was intended merely as an introduction, and several of these books will be covered individually in coming posts in this blog, with extensive scans, so stay tuned on...

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